Understanding Our Services

Written by: Shawn Murray

Moving is often a stressful process and Muve was created to help alleviate this stressful event. I thought it was important to provide a detailed overview of all of our services.

1. On-demand Furniture Delivery

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We’ve all experienced one time or another where we recently made a purchase or needed something moved, but lacked the necessary means to perform the move ourselves. This can be quite stressful especially if there’s no help available. We currently live in a now culture where everything is delivered to us immediately (well, almost) from information, food, and so much more.

Muve now allows you to get almost anything moved, at any time, on-demand. So whether you’re making a purchase at a furniture store, at a yard sale, or even on Craigslist, you’ll no longer have to coordinate or stress about how you’ll get your items home.

2. Curb-to-Curb

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We thought it was imperative to provide our customers with several options based on their budget. That’s why we allow customers the ability to get their possessions moved at a lower rate than our traditional option. With curb-to-curb, we’ll pick up and professionally package your item(s) at the curb and drop off your item at the curb (or in a garage).

3. Assembly

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Many of us lack the knack to assemble furniture and other items nor do we have adequate time to do so in today’s busy world. That’s why Muve provides assembly services by experienced professionals for all your assembly needs.

4. Just Labor

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Ok, we actually don’t have kids working for us but just labor is exactly what you think it is, just labor. You can request several movers to load up your Uhaul or simply move several pieces of furniture within your home for a low hourly rate.

5. Whole Home

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We do provide a full-service moving option in addition to our other great services. You have the option to have our professionals package your items, assemble/disassemble your furniture, load and unload your possessions and really provide the overall experience that you’d expect from a moving company.

If you’re wanting to save, provide your own truck and select the ‘just labor’ option on our website.


Muve offers many great services and other features for moving. We created Muve to really change how the moving process was done to the outdated moving industry. We’ll continue to listen to our customers and continually add new features to our platform. As always, don’t just move, Muve!

If you have any questions or just want to say, ‘Hey’ you’re able to contact me at Shawn@muveapp.com or make your request at muveapp.com.


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