- Our Mission and Vision -

We started Muve to alleviate the pain of the moving process. Moving shouldn't be stressful as it's one of the most exciting times in our lives. Whether it's getting your first place as you go off to college, purchasing your first home with your family, or downsizing after all the kids have moved away. With each incremental move begins a new chapter in our lives and closes another one, one filled with everlasting memories in the old abode to creating new ones in the new.

Our mission is to really revolutionize and become the leader in the outdated moving industry by providing a platform where you're able to seamlessly compare prices from truly professional movers who have a significant amount of industry experience for all your moving needs. We do all the tedious research so you don't have to which ultimately provides an overall less stressful and cumbersome experience come moving time.

How It All Started

Muve was started on the basis of really simplifying the moving process. Moving has always been the roughage in an individual’s diet, in fact, moving is considered one of the most stressful events to occur to an individual within their lifetime. The idea for Muve was born in 2015 when founder, Shawn Murray, noticed there were no straightforward ways to get several items moved quickly at an affordable price. What initially started as a peer-to-peer, on-demand moving platform for smaller, micro-moves has evolved to include many other services since Muve’s inception.


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